Web Site Design & Development

VTD, Inc. designs and develops cutting edge web sites that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to read and use, and that capture the audience's attention. We can develop both the textual and graphical content of your site or use your existing marketing materials, graphics, and logo. If your company already has a web site, we can revitalize or improve the web site by giving it a design makeover.

Web Site Hosting

Once your web site has been developed, it needs to be published on a host server. The host server is continuously connected to the Internet's backbone and allows web users to access your web site from any location from around the world, 24 hours a day. With VTD's hosting package, our clients have 24/7 server monitering and maintenance, rapid download speed, unlimited e-mail accounts, and a comprehensive web site statistics program to keep you abreast of your web site's success. VTD also offers the service of registering and setting up your company's domain name.

Web Site Marketing

The most critical element of havinga web presence is marketing your web site. By actively promoting our clients' web site, we ensure that prospective customers looking for your service find your web site. VTD does this by listing your web site with a comprehensive list of search engines and works to attain the highest rankings. We also customize the Internet marketing to each clients' specific industry to further enhance the web site's effectiveness. Your web site will provide your company with a virtual salesperson selling your company 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, interacting with prospective customers from around the world.

Web Site Maintenance

Your web site can be thought of as your company's store window. It is important to keep your web site updated with the current products, services, and special discounts or promotions that are being offered by your company. You always want to keep your current and prospective customers informed and encourage them to keep coming back to visit your site. We offer our customers a web site maintenance program to assist you in maintaining your web site.

Social Media Campaigns

Use a Facebook page to market your business.
Get the right types of messages published on Facebook about your business.
Implement tactics to increase your Likes on Facebook.
Utilize YouTube.com to grow awareness of your products and services to promote your business.
Use Twitter to learn about your customers and grow your business.
Utilize Twitter to monitor your brand.

The primary focus of social media is to promote your company and products in addition to building relationships with clients. You build relationships so people trust you enough to buy your product or service(s) from you. That's it! It's that simple. Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, LinkedIn, whatever, it's all to build relationships. That is the sole purpose of Social Media. That's how you make money from Social Media.

E-Marketing Campaigns

We will help you deliver a consistent message that is affordable, professional, relevant and effective in lead generation. We help companies increase their revenue by simply increasing their actual presence with those people who can make a difference in their business. We do this by helping them stay in better touch with current or recent customers. It is crucial in today's economy that you let your clients know how much you appreciate them, how much you rely on their continued business with you and that you rely on their referrals to your company.

The biggest benefit we believe we provide is to systematize your communications or as some would say automate your marketing. It is very important to know that you do not have to sacrifice a very personal touch when you systemize your communication. Indeed, we specialize in creating copy that people look forward to receiving, feel is beneficial to them and in turn tend to think of you as a person that is useful, helpful to them.

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